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Topic subjectWhat do you think about trade business?
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5233, What do you think about trade business?
Posted by tomus, Sun Apr-26-15 05:52 PM

I would like to ask you about my idea for business. I would like to focus on trade - there are many wholesale shops, which will sell you only 1000 items, while it's impossible to buy just one. I had that problem with many many times, and get to the idea of geting into trading.

I have a product - its a hoisery in general :) It may sound silly, but the easy part is that I get good supplier, and probably will be able to sell on the western europe. I'm going to buy big shippments from and then get it my repacking center, where all tights and things like that will be repacked and send to end-customer who bought that product via my web-page.

it is an idea, where it will be difficult to start, but after that it should be easy to handle, isn't it?

what do you think? is is a good type of product, or I should check something other?

best regards,