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Posted by AdHocGroup, Thu Jul-31-14 06:25 AM
<Thanks for sharing. It is very helpful. I am interest a web hosting >

I'm not sure what you mean by this. My meaning was that you would have to subscribe to a web hosting service that provides you the space to build your website, gives you an email address (usually anywhere from five email boxes to unlimited email boxes) and some give you tools to build your website, track your statistics, build databases on your website and more.

I'm thinking you mean you want a business website using the above, but do you also want a website where you can place affiliate ads? You're better off to have a theme and a blog or post articles so that you have content that changes frequently, are able to add SEO terms and words to improve ranking on the search engines, and can build an email list AND know how to do social media marketing to draw people to your site.

Look up Commission Junction ( and Rakuten LInkshare ( These are two of the largest affiliate management companies around. You just get your website up and make sure you have a clear theme, not just pages ready to load with ads. My theme is working (from home) and activities that interest RVers (genealogy). The Working from home part is focused on RVers with jobs that are portable, but they are also good for anyone, anywhere.