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Posted by Terryhopper, Wed Jul-30-14 11:09 PM
>That is a link to an AWAI program. And that is an affiliate
>link, not one of my products. One of the ways I earn money is
>from commissions from affiliate link sales. I've used several
>of AWAI's training products. Not only are they excellent,
>thorough and very insightful in teaching you how to do the
>work involved, but they teach you how to gain clients and
>market your new business (in most of their products.) I have
>not purchased this program myself, but would imagine they
>cover marketing your business in this one also. I have
>purchased some photography, travel writing, copywriting and
>resume preparation programs front them. All are excellent.
>You can call them to clarify all your questions. They have
>ALWAYS offered a 100% refund guarantee if you're not
>satisfied, and will accommodate you if you find it's not right
>for you. The refund would come from them, not me. You buy from
>them, not me.
>Affiliate marketing IS one of the main businesses you can
>start with very little upfront investment. A web hosting
>service, a domain name and the time or cost it takes to build
>your website and promote it. I'm looking for people to do
>affiliate sales for my books on starting up businesses, too,
>in case anyone is interested.

Thanks for sharing. It is very helpful. I am interest a web hosting.:-)