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Posted by AdHocGroup, Wed Jul-30-14 08:18 PM

That is a link to an AWAI program. And that is an affiliate link, not one of my products. One of the ways I earn money is from commissions from affiliate link sales. I've used several of AWAI's training products. Not only are they excellent, thorough and very insightful in teaching you how to do the work involved, but they teach you how to gain clients and market your new business (in most of their products.) I have not purchased this program myself, but would imagine they cover marketing your business in this one also. I have purchased some photography, travel writing, copywriting and resume preparation programs front them. All are excellent.

You can call them to clarify all your questions. They have ALWAYS offered a 100% refund guarantee if you're not satisfied, and will accommodate you if you find it's not right for you. The refund would come from them, not me. You buy from them, not me.

Affiliate marketing IS one of the main businesses you can start with very little upfront investment. A web hosting service, a domain name and the time or cost it takes to build your website and promote it. I'm looking for people to do affiliate sales for my books on starting up businesses, too, in case anyone is interested.