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5136, Starting on a Shoestring
Posted by AdHocGroup, Fri Jul-25-14 08:37 AM
Take a look at a page I made for my "work from home" students to help them brainstorm what they'd like to do. It's a list of almost 200 ideas, and if there isn't one there that you like, it should get you thinking about ones you DO like.

We needed a business that we could run while living as full time RVers, so we started one focused on helping people learn how to make a living from home. We screen and promote business resources and earn money from affiliate commissions. Many of the other listings on our site are great for mobile businesses too. Most can be started with just the basic investment of learning the skill, business licenses, a computer and other office equipment and supplies.

I'm in the process of adapting my class room courses on starting a home based business to online courses and hope to have them available soon. Our main website is

Best Wishes