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Topic subjectShare your photos free for life , with ample storage space
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509, Share your photos free for life , with ample storage space
Posted by tolifiers, Fri Dec-15-06 11:45 PM
Hello from Theo

I have been using a web site lately that allows you to save all your
old photos, digital photos online, free, this is a great because it lets me
share all my photos with my friends and family online.
They are very safe , and very secure and stored for life.
so thought this might interest others, i have placed our old family album
photos online at this site also, to share with you.
If you would like the link to take a look, so you can try this your selves
please let us know.
its a great was to share your photos, and its free , and they give you
ample space to use, have fun, sharing with others.

for the web url of our old photo almum
You are welcome to contact me using skype id tolifiers
otherwise through e-mail or this site.

Theo Olifiers