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449, Idea for Service Business
Posted by superwrench929, Wed Nov-29-06 04:51 PM
I want to start a service business that is a Maintenance and repair business that services both commercial and residential customers. It is basically a Handyman business but, I want to concentrate on the commercial side to provide business owners with access to building repairs or maintenance services that are not covered by the buildings owner or Leasing company which may include, plumbing issues, lighting and electrical issues, Hvac issues, Interior issues, emergency and preventitive maintenance. My services can be either by the job or under a contract for specified services. I have more than twenty-five years of experience in the maintenance and repair industry. I would appreciate any feedback on my idea.
454, RE: Idea for Service Business
Posted by bizdev, Sat Dec-02-06 04:46 AM
As a retail store owner I would use this service. My father is really handy and was always taking care of the little repairs around the shop, but he's getting up in years and won't be able to help as much. I can see your service as a necessity.

I would do some research in your area. Take a poll of local business owners to see just how much interest there would be.
455, RE: Idea for Service Business
Posted by superwrench929, Sat Dec-02-06 05:01 AM
Thanks for your feedback: :-) I plan on canvessing the local businesses for their thoughts and responses and maybe start a client list. Your feedback inspires me to move forward with my plan. :D
466, RE: Idea for Service Business
Posted by superwrench929, Wed Dec-06-06 03:02 PM
As well as getting some positive feed back from local business owners. One business owner gave this tip; In this day and age of lawsuits make sure before you set foot in anyones home or business that, you are adequately insured for yours and their protection. I have taken steps to that end. I am sure that others starting a business venture could appreciate this gem too.

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460, RE: Idea for Service Business
Posted by FileHawk, Mon Dec-04-06 08:59 AM
Sounds like a viable service business. Have you thought of perhaps contacting building administrators that manage large condo buildings? I'm sure they could keep you busy as well as local businesses. I live in a condo building and there is always some sort of issue that needs to be fixed. By affiliating yourself with the administration companies, they can provide you contracts for the buildings that they manage. Hope this helps!
542, RE: Idea for Service Business
Posted by Dream, Mon Dec-25-06 05:14 AM
Sounds like subcontracting for others might work well for you.
Or contact rental agencies for malls and other things.
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664, ISO registered machine shops
Posted by MarlinCreek, Sat Jan-20-07 08:00 PM
Another avenue... look around the area and try to find machine shops / manufacturing sites that are ISO registered.

I won't go into details on ISO, but part of the requirement is that the facility equipment is maintained... which most companies band-aid together.

If you can offer 1) Ongoing Preventive Maintenance and 2) on-call support for when the machine crashes... you might be able to get some steady clients.

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