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Posted by eelgib, Fri Jan-19-07 04:54 AM
Hi Tory,

Just seen your post, my wife and I were in a similar situation to you when we started up our Murder Mystery Entertainments business in 1989, back then murder dinners/weekends were not so well known but we managed to promote the concept to hotels, restaurants, bars, dining clubs, corporate companies, travel companies etc.

We did literally start from the dining table with a telephone and an old word processor and in our first year did around 30 events, over the next seven years well over 1000 shows and in 1997 sold on the production side of the business.

We continued to write scripts and offered it as a business opportunity in the UK, however we just recently published an e-book on 'How to set up and run a successful Murder Mystery business'.

The link to take a look is I hope you do take a look as it may be just what you may be looking for!

Best wishes

Lee roberton. :-)