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Posted by Home Stager, Wed Dec-13-06 04:30 AM
I was in your shoes about 8 years ago, before starting a Home Staging business. During the high season my schedule typically has me staging 3 homes each day and I love what I do! You can spend a lot or a little on gaining info. A few years ago I wrote a 60+ page Manual to help others--my answer to the gazillion Emails I would receive asking about how to get started. For more info you are welcome to visit my site at The Manual tells you everything you need to know about how to successfully start and market your business, and it can be as inexpensive to start as a box of business cards. As for flipping, unless you know what you're doing you can get totally upside down quickly in this venture, and since you are looking for a low-cost start-up, flipping wouldn't fit the bill! Good luck to you!