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Posted by Nancy, Tue Nov-28-06 11:52 AM

You might be able to carve out a profitable niche (or niches!) for yourself as an online information publisher. It sounds like a perfect fit given everything you detailed in your post.

You mentioned travel as one of your passions. If you have a favorite destination, region, etc., that might be the niche for you. You could start with a focus such as the best restaurants, hotels, places to shop, or tourist attractions in your favorite city.

Other possibilities for a travel niche would be the best, or the most affordable, kid-friendly, or pet-friendly bed-and-breakfast inns.

Cooking is another broad area that you "niche-ify" into Italian, Mediterranean, Cajun, Vegetarian, you name it.

There are many ways to generate revenue on a content site. The main thing is to choose an area that genuinely interests you so that writing content is easy. That's important because you'll be writing a lot of it to keep visitors coming back.

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