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Posted by DBeavers, Sun Nov-26-06 08:11 PM
>It is my dream to own my own business, not for the money
>(although its a perk), but to have my hard work and precious
>time to be dedicated to a project (business) that my husband
>and I start, not for someone else's benefit. I believe that
>you will only be fulfilled in life if you spend everyday doing
>something you are passionate about.
>I have a marketing degree with work experience in banking and
>sales/purchasing. I enjoy research & analysis, writing,
>marketing & PR. My passions are working with children,
>scrapbooking, real estate, home decorating/remodeling,
>traveling and cooking. I do not have much money to start a
>business, so mine will most likely be home based, at least in
>the beginning.
>The problem is that I dont have a business idea that doesn't
>cost an arm and a leg to begin. Sometimes, it helps to have
>others who are outside the box to point out obvious ideas. Do
>you have any low cost ideas for a business that I could
>Thanks in advance!

How about a business that matches not only your need for a low cost start-up, but that also fits with your marketing background, as well as your experience in purchasing and your enjoyment for research and analysis?

I started my business on a shoestring back in 1984, working it strictly part-time until it provided enough for me to take the plunge and go full-time in '87. As the business grew, the expansion was paid for from the profits the business generated.

And, it has to bonus of not just provide money as a perk, but as replacement income to match a full-time job or supplement Social Security in later years.

Your work history in banking is probably a good indicator that you are a "people-person". That fits in well in the world of promotional advertising sales. It could even be that if you are still in the same area, that the bank could become a customer of yours.

As for the cost of start-up, the dealership is free. Their is an optional 35-lb kit of materials, but you can test the opportunity in your local market (or even online) without the kit, and receive it free of charge when your sales reach $1500. The get the kit up front, there is an $85 refundable deposit.

If selling promotional products to business, industry, non-profit organizations, schools, and gov't agencies from local to state and federal seem interesting to you, you'll find more details and can see hundreds of sample products by visiting my website -

I also mail a 3 1/2 lb. information packet, complete with the 228-page "Best Buys" catalog and starter materials, at no charge. This could be a home-based business that truly matches your criteria as well as your business education and skills.

I look forward to hearing from you.