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432, Any business ideas?
Posted by LaRay0607, Sun Nov-26-06 09:49 AM
It is my dream to own my own business, not for the money (although its a perk), but to have my hard work and precious time to be dedicated to a project (business) that my husband and I start, not for someone else's benefit. I believe that you will only be fulfilled in life if you spend everyday doing something you are passionate about.

I have a marketing degree with work experience in banking and sales/purchasing. I enjoy research & analysis, writing, marketing & PR. My passions are working with children, scrapbooking, real estate, home decorating/remodeling, traveling and cooking. I do not have much money to start a business, so mine will most likely be home based, at least in the beginning.

The problem is that I dont have a business idea that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to begin. Sometimes, it helps to have others who are outside the box to point out obvious ideas. Do you have any low cost ideas for a business that I could start?

Thanks in advance!