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Topic subjectGlobal discussion forums content storage - how to use it?
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4317, Global discussion forums content storage - how to use it?
Posted by michael_ntcp, Wed May-05-10 01:21 PM
Imagine that I have a magic parser that can parse discussion forums like this one and save this data in a huge DB in a structured way. It means there will be tables: forum, subject, post, etc., populated with data from forums. So I will have a kind of global storage of structured forum data.

Now the question is how can I use it? Is there a way to earn money on this?

Here are some ideas:
1) a web site that allows users to browse information from hundreds of forums in one place in a unified way
2) set up a service that allows to subscribe updates from different forums at once.
3) just provide access to this database for other 3-d party companies or webmasters, SEO specialists.... will anyone need this?

Most of all I am curious about the last options...

What else?

Thank you.