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Topic subjectWould this idea for a gym work?
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4015, Would this idea for a gym work?
Posted by silvernblack, Sun Oct-25-09 10:40 PM
I've been thinking about starting a business, and many ideas have come to mind. I'm moving towards a B2B type service, instead of a consumer one.

I'm thinking about opening a fitness facility that is available to independent personal trainers. You know how building owners rent offices or retail space? Well, I would be renting the trainers space to use the equipment with their clients. They would be able to pick the time they want to use it, pay hourly (sort of a drop in thing), weekly, or monthly, and the center would be open 24 hours most of the year. I'd keep the space maintained, and in addition to advertising the space, I'd list the trainers who rent there on the website.

I live in a large city, and most of the gyms here don't allow trainers in unless they work there. I think it could work, especially since the trainers won't have to worry about paying for equipment, rent, utilities, etc. It would be a good for trainers who want to test the idea of going independent or starting a gym.

Does anyone think this is a viable idea? Any feedback is appreciated :)