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3925, Legal
Posted by tiffgarden, Wed Sep-02-09 05:01 AM

I have a question, I wanted to know if anyone has any information for the following:

Lets say for example that I want to make customized socks, or tshirts, and/or it legal to buy these items wholesale in bulk amounts, and then create my designs on them and sell them as my own product? I'm just not to sure if I was to customize these items and sell them as my own if that would be a problem to companies who i purchased the plain tshirt, hats and socks from. Any information or advice is much appreciative.

3928, RE: Legal
Posted by annalaurabrown, Thu Sep-03-09 05:15 AM
I would say that there is no problem as far as the company from which you purchased the items you will just want to make sure that when you get orders for customization that you do not violate any copyright or trademark laws.
3929, RE: Legal
Posted by hostingdiva, Fri Sep-04-09 05:13 AM
You mean shirts like these? - maybe not quite like these because these are for dogs :)

No, there's no problem with your idea - that's usually how it's done :) Companies have designs and then add their designs to the plain shirts, socks, hats, etc.

You can actually find companies that will even print your name on the tag so it looks like the whole thing came from you :)

Good luck! ;)