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Topic subjectWould a facility like this be possible?
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3541, Would a facility like this be possible?
Posted by Liquidrider47, Tue Mar-24-09 07:08 PM
I have an idea for a facility that would combine the benefits of a meeting place with the excitement and fun of athletic activities.
Ski lodge style building, with a rock wall, retail shops for bikes, boards, and blades, a small cafe like at Borders books, a lounge that's easily converted into a dance floor, & a small stage with a large blank wall behind it to project videos and presentations.
The kicker is that the place would be located near local hiking/ biking trails, and would also be the starting point for day trips and weekend trips for all the activities the lodge promoted.
Also there would be a room off to the side with some really cool games, maybe a wall of X-box, playstations, etc... pool table & foosball.
Basically, it's bringing a ski lodge down to the urban/ suburban area, and instead of going out the door to ski, you could mountain bike or hike, and the place itself would be cool enough to support a thriving business. I think the combo of business/ social meeting place, retail, and tours might succeed. Does anyone have any knowledge of something like this already happening?