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Topic subjectNeed advertising ideas for my Logo/Graphics business
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3131, Need advertising ideas for my Logo/Graphics business
Posted by tmaculate1, Tue Nov-04-08 06:56 AM
I finally created a website a few months ago but now I'm not sure where I should invest my money for advertising. I place ads every now and then on craigslist but I don't get a lot of hits from that because of the limited placements.

Has anyone here been successful with placing ads in the yellow pages or local magazines/newspapers?

i need fresh ideas! :-)
3136, RE: Need advertising ideas for my Logo/Graphics business
Posted by Pepperfire, Wed Nov-05-08 06:20 AM
By far, the greatest number of hits that I get to my website come from people that have been driven there, by me.

Share your expertise in online forums, etc. Get people to know what you do, where you are, etc. and they will come to your website.

I like your work by the way...

Contact me offline, I would love to discuss the ability to offer your work to customers who may need design and we don't have anyone using anything remotely near your style.

I can't promise you work, but you never know.


Tina Brooks, VP Marketing
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3139, RE: Need advertising ideas for my Logo/Graphics business
Posted by aurora, Wed Nov-05-08 10:06 AM
I can't remember the last time I looked in the phone book or newspaper for a business. Like most people, I prefer the efficiency of looking on the web.

Content is king. Google spiders love content and rank you better the more content you put out there. Three low cost ways to drive traffic to your site using content:

1. Write articles and submit to Put a link in your signature or bio line back to your site.

2. Create a blog and link to a Twitter and Facebook account. Begin to create a following on Twitter and Facebook. It's amazing how fast people will start following you there.

3. Post on Niche forums and offer advice to others in the community. Put a link back to your site in your signature.

Best wishes,
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3151, RE: Need advertising ideas for my Logo/Graphics business
Posted by jswank02, Fri Nov-07-08 05:33 PM
I think you need to network with printing companies and other matching businesses that do not have graphics departments. That may be your best opportunity to get your name out there. I have had little success with craigslist myself.

Joanna Swank
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