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Posted by SHOPTMT, Mon Nov-10-08 12:32 AM
Hmmm, sounds terrific! My partner and I started an upscale Home Decor Consignment Store last May and it's really doing well! We ONLY carry Home Decor pots-n-pans or clothing! With the economic situation as it is, more folks want to consign than buy, but we are in an area that has mostly clothing Thrift stores, so we don't have much competition.

Now, with the tightening of money, it may be that folks will "cut out" their extra sporting events...but, again there are always folks that HAVE to have a hobby! And, have the money!

I say GO FOR IT! Honestly, I don't know how clothing consignment or thrift stores make their "nut" each month! They would have to sell a TON of $2.00 pieces! That's why the sporting goods store would be better...higher ticket items means higher pay outs!

We also have a lot of "downtime" in the store, so we became Distributors for SendOutCards...have you heard of it? You may want to check it out! Our web site is You can send out a FREE, REAL greeting card on your computer...on us!

And, once you get your store up & running, you would also have customers that may be interested in SendOutCards! My hope is to sell my Consignment Store next year and just continue with SendOutCards!
I've had a long history of "selling", and being "stuck" inside 6 days a week is tough for me!

I don't know where you live, but if you live anywhere near water...Kayaks, inner tubes, and big floaty things are hard to find at a reasonable price.

So, do you due diligence and start working on that plan...I think it's a good one!

Best of luck to you! And, please let me know what you think of SendOutCards! :7

Bren ;-)