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Topic subjectWant to open Children's Boutique
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3059, Want to open Children's Boutique
Posted by rachaelinma, Tue Oct-07-08 07:50 AM
Hello all! Ok here goes! I want to open a children's clothing store and I was wondering if anyone out there had some experience in this area and could offer me some advice? Any help is greatly appreciated!
3067, RE: Want to open Children's Boutique
Posted by jswank02, Sun Oct-12-08 03:19 PM
The key is to start any business with a business plan. You will need to get capital and there are several ways but all start with a business plan. Then I would go with the plan to the bank and ask for angel investors. Banks often hold money for people who have in to anonymously invest in peoples dream businesses.


Joanna Swank
Marketing Consultant
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3069, RE: Want to open Children's Boutique
Posted by Joe Reuth, Tue Oct-14-08 06:05 AM
My suggestion is to go to Amazon and buy one or two of the books that focus on starting a retail business so that you get a good feel for all that is involved.

Then, once you have read these, determine how you want to market your store. Being able to attract customers cost effectively is key to running a profitable retail business. Knowing where and how to market your store is crucial.

Hope this helps!

Joe Reuth
3076, RE: Want to open Children's Boutique
Posted by fitchadv, Fri Oct-17-08 01:08 PM

I am not sure what your budget is for opening up your children's boutique or if it is going to be strictly online, but there is a company called that can help you set up the entire business if it is online. They will put you in contact with Vendors, set-up and design the site and have you up and running in a couple of weeks.

Hope this helps.
3088, RE: Want to open Children's Boutique
Posted by juliarusso11, Fri Oct-24-08 03:12 PM
Would you like to hear from someone who opened a store 10 months ago....and closed it this week? You should be aware of the obstacles you can be facing in today's economy.
Check the story in one of my blog posts at:
Building a business online is my recommendation. I started there, found a great niche, took it from "clicks to bricks" and now back to just online. If all goes well online, you keep more of your profits and aren't factoring huge overhead. If you don't make it in one market, you have many more options at very little investment. Open a retail store and you are stuck with that location, that market, that overhead for years. An internet business gives you flexibility and a multitude of options.
Opening any business, online or otherwise, takes a great deal of due diligence. Check out those retail books but be sure they are currently written to give a perspective on today's economy situation.
Good luck and keep brainstorming!