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Topic subjectRE: In A Slump After 15 Years...Ideas Needed
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2946, RE: In A Slump After 15 Years...Ideas Needed
Posted by Out On A Whim, Tue Sep-02-08 07:52 AM
There aren't any now. There was at one time.I had considered hot sauces and specialty foods but then one of our grocery chains beat me to the punch right before I was ready to purchase the products. If I were to go with hot sauce I would add it to my existing product lines and go for novelty label hot sauce as I have some already Like "Still Hot at 40" in my OTH section. I would be interested in your pricing I took a look at your site. I just know I couldn't make up the profit from my lost line on filling 4,000sqft with it. But your right it is fun!