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Topic subjectRE: In A Slump After 15 Years...Ideas Needed
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2945, RE: In A Slump After 15 Years...Ideas Needed
Posted by Pepperfire, Tue Sep-02-08 07:20 AM
I was in financial services for 17 years before selling my business to join my husband in this hot sauce venture of his.

I don't know if there are any "hot sauce shops" near you, but they are quite the novelty and with products like ours (Peppermaster) you can generate quality repeat business. If you're interested in exploring this idea, I can send you our wholesale pricing, and help you figure out how to go about doing something like what we are doing.

So far it's been very profitable and well... You asked for FUN? This is it in a nutshell.


Tina Brooks, VP Marketing
Brooks Pepperfire Foods, Inc.
Makers of Peppermaster Hot Sauces

Eat more peppers!