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Topic subjectIn A Slump After 15 Years...Ideas Needed
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2942, In A Slump After 15 Years...Ideas Needed
Posted by Out On A Whim, Mon Sep-01-08 12:57 PM
After 15 years in business I lost one of my profitable product lines due to a new State law (no adult merchandise allowed). I sell all types of merchandise from costumes,rock T's, fashion apparel, metaphysical,partyware and my store is a castle 14,000sqft. I sell online also. I need some business ideas that my zoning will allow, which means something with retail tied in to add to an empty 4,000sqft area.
I want nothing Wal-mart has. It has to be different and fun.
It may be a new line of merchandise... It may be a service... It may be a themed cafe... it may be antiques or retro furniture or a product line or function for kids. I don't know I am getting too old and the ideas aren't popping in my head like they used to. Anybody got any Fun type ideas for me????:+