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Posted by Pepperfire, Tue Aug-12-08 02:27 AM
I recommend contacting City hall to find out what the laws are regarding food companies in your area. We food people are regulated to death, for obvious reasons and it's worse when you throw meat into the mix.

I know off-hand you will need at least three permits, one for handling and processing meat, another for selling off-site and another, what we call a "keep cold" certificate.

You will be inspected BEFORE you are allowed to be licensed for both the meat and the keep cold certs. (At least you are here).

In order to do "Barbecue", you will need an industrial barbecue. Contact Bull, they've got experts who will know exactly which machine you should use... And may have a unit that you can lease until you make enough to buy one. They come with built in sinks and running hot and cold water (you fill tanks) and they fit into the tailgate of a pickup or can be a trailer in and of themselves. Either way, they're entirely stainless steel and have to be scrubbed spotless EVERY time you use them.

I often think, the simpler the concept, the more difficult the setup.

Good luck with it.

Tina Brooks, VP Marketing
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