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2888, RE: Is my business idea any good?
Posted by bizdev, Sun Aug-17-08 01:59 PM
I noticed in your posts that you mention prices and profit so I am assuming you have figured your expenses in order to come up with a profit margin.

Be sure to work up your business plan before you get too much farther along in the process. It's amazing how much you can derive from the business plan to help you determine if it really is a viable business for you. By going step by step through the whole business plan process you get the true picture. You will know if you can make a go of it. You will know exactly how much it will cost you and if you will indeed be profitable and when you might reach the break even point.

There are so many expenses to a brick and mortar business that lots of folks just don't think about until they hunker down and write out the business plan.

It takes a lot more than good credit and a great business plan to qualify for a business loan. In most cases it takes 20% of the start up cash coming from your pockets, plus great credit, plus collateral and industry experience.

So keep researching. Hopefully you can get this launched!
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