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2612, Infopreneur biz ideas feedback needed
Posted by rosesnivy, Tue Jun-17-08 10:04 AM
I recently found this forum and am hoping I can get some feedback from those who probably know more than me! :) I have an idea for an online business that would put me into the ?infopreneur? category.

I have a Master?s degree in counseling and did practice in the field for awhile, but am now home with my children full-time. I would like to use the education and skills I?ve gained to put together a website for women that focuses on self-help and advice from a counselor?s prospective (I will NOT do counseling online). It could cover several areas including relationships, parenting, and women?s issues.

Here are the ideas I?ve come up with for content:
*Q/A - anonymous questions for a counselor that I would then answer and post in a searchable area of the site
*Indepth book reviews on relevant topics

I?d like to know your take on the viability of a site like this and your thoughts on money making ideas for the site.

I need your feedback!!