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Posted by BelieveTBP, Sun Nov-05-06 12:11 PM
I can tell you definitely there is a need for bookkeepers. I do this as a part-time business myself. I have accounts that are older that 10 years. I found that one usually leads to the next (word or mouth). I've turned down manys just because of no time, after all I do have a full time job also. I'm an accounting database analyst. They find out I can write an accounting database and then I'm hired to write membership and payment databases etc.

Watch your local papers, find the ads for part-time bookkeepers. Non-profits always need part-time honest people for this. They have board of directors that can network you into other businesses once you have proven yourself worthy of trust.

I work currently 3 part-time bookkeeping jobs and 1 waiting for me. I do most of the work at home. My full time job is also a work at home position for the state (not the one I live in). I don't need the extra jobs but it gives me the extra to have a nice car and max out my 401 at my full time job.

So as you can see, bookkeeping is alive and well. I think even when I retire (someday) I'll still have a part-time bookkeeping job.

Good luck!