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Posted by Pepperfire, Fri May-23-08 08:07 AM
> I wish you the best. For ideas, I would go to museums
>with a pad and pencil and write down what you find interesting
>about certain pieces. I know my local museum has a lot of
>small sculpture and glass work art that would help me. Some
>museums let you take pictures without flash.
>I would also check out local jewelry and art shows. If you are
>making the jewelry, I think you have no choice but to make and
>sell fine jewelry, because imported jewelery has the lockdown
>on low cost mass manufactured jewelry.
>This article is interesting:
>As far as the actual processes involved, I would check out a
>jewelry making or metalworking course at a local community
>college. A friend of mine took a few and now is a bench
>One website you might want to check out is
> - a really great resource for do it

I have to but ditto Joe... He's given you great advice here.

I will add that when you are ready to start selling your pieces, you can find some low-cost craft fairs, but will warn you that the better shows are overflowing with waiting lists for jewellers, so you'll really want to differentiate yourself from other jewellers if you want to find your way into some of these shows.

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