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Topic subjectFeedback Needed - biggest business concern/worry?
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2506, Feedback Needed - biggest business concern/worry?
Posted by JohnOnSales, Sun May-18-08 05:52 AM
My name is John, and I blog at johnonsalescom. I'm creating a product and doing a little research. Whether you are about to start a company, run a new or startup company, or have a healthy small business, I would like a brief answer to this question:

"What are your 2 main concerns about being successful with your small or new business?"

2525, RE: Feedback Needed - biggest business concern/worry?
Posted by Pepperfire, Fri May-23-08 08:04 AM
My two main concerns, as always, are 1. hiring and keeping good employees and 2. Keeping cash outflow in line with cash inflow so that I don't have to worry about deficits; The banks have been the quintissential uselessness that Mark Twain (I think) described as those who will loan you an umbrella until it begins to rain, at which point they want it back.


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2626, RE: Feedback Needed - biggest business concern/worry?
Posted by JETBroker, Fri Jun-20-08 05:37 AM
My biggest concern is contacting business owners while maintaining confidentiality. I want to market myself, but due to the characteristics of business value, I have to keep a low profile to serve the fiduciary interests of my clients.

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