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241, Need advice/help
Posted by mspreyear, Thu Oct-12-06 12:46 PM
Hi,prepare income taxes and have tried many software programs however, I would like to develop my very own 1040 program that's extremely user friendly and packed with all the necessities and more!

I do not have any idea on where to start but I have dreamed of this for years and I am determined to make this happen. Any advice would be helpful.
245, RE: Need advice/help
Posted by Phanntom, Fri Oct-13-06 03:59 PM
Are you sure you want to take on the already firmly established software companies that have already amassed hundreds of millions of dollars such as Turbo-Tax for self-preparers, or Lacert for the pros?

You'll need the ability to write software or have to pay big-bucks to those who can, and you'll need a ton of money for marketing against the already established companies.

I don't like to dash peoples dreams but sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. You could conceivably spend millions of dollars and never have a finished product.
Good luck,
247, RE: Need advice/help
Posted by flawless, Sat Oct-14-06 06:07 AM
If this has been your dream for years,.,,, stcik with it.. never give up... I have experience and can help you finally move foward let me know if your interested. I want to help someone in return God will bless me!

Have a great day!