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2397, Virtual Assistant Home business feedback
Posted by findingdetails, Thu Apr-24-08 07:39 AM
I am back again. Still combing through some of my ideas and wanting to really move forward. Especially now as I go broke just paying for the fuel just to drive to and from work! I am revisiting my idea of doing virtual assistant or data entry work from home maybe geared towards either health care field or towards assistanting with some HR duties, or a combo of both. I have experience and worked in both areas and they can often times tie together.

Just wondering if anyone can offer me any feedback as to how to start the ball rolling in this field and what areas of specialization are good for VA work. I am willing to incorporate other facets into the job if it is feasible to being a productive VA and still will afford me to earn an income of $400-$650 a week or more.

Has anyone done this, or has anyone worked with a VA, what duties do you look for in a VA, and what is a reasonable income to expect and is it feasible to expect to earn $400 a week or more, or am I shooting a bit high? I am willing to put in 40+ hrs a week to attain this goal, so I do not think charging $10 to $15 an hour is unreasonable. Any feedback, suggestions, ideas?