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Topic subjectRE: PRICING QUESTION!!!
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Posted by Pepperfire, Thu Apr-24-08 04:24 AM
Perhaps late to the table, but here's my two cents anyway...

Price the treats at the high end of the spectrum. These are ultra-premium dog treats and you can always lower your price if they don't sell... You shouldn't have to ever raise it. You'll be selling where people are expecting to pay premium quality pricing; you should ask it. If you're selling on ordinary grocery store shelves, you should still be on the premium end, but you might want to target your packaging accordingly.

Also... don't forget to leave room in your price for wholesalers and distributors; they won't pick up your product if there is no wiggle room for them between your retail sales price and their purchase price.

Secondly... one thing about sales tax that rang when you mentioned it... Just because you live somewhere where there is no tax, doesn't mean there isn't ever going to be tax. If you get a mail order or e-order, you will have to charge the taxes for the place from where the recipient is ordering. If there is no tax there, then you're fine. But double check that to sure. My shopping cart is setup and updated using the Government shopping cart tax files that you can get from the US & Canadian Governments. (I only have to worry about tax on shipping).


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