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Topic subjectRE: PRICING QUESTION!!!
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Posted by nightsky, Tue Apr-22-08 10:27 AM
I buy treats for my dog for $5 for 5 lbs. Now, I really doubt that I am getting the best quality... but she is large and I can't see paying what the store wants for the better brands.

But, you are going at a different market... and marketing your treats as a high quality and nutricious snack for your treats. I think that you will do well. I hope that you have a web site up and running, or will before you start your parties. At your parties, hand out business cards or a handout that will have the website on it... so that people can go there and buy more. If your customer (the one's who have the party in their homes) are still involved, you could even drop off the orders at their house... in return for a cut of what you sell (again, in dog treats). Or not.

Good luck...

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