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Topic subjectwant to start mini expo and need help how to start
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2134, want to start mini expo and need help how to start
Posted by precisely2, Sat Mar-01-08 04:04 PM
i want to start a college expo and other expos but i want to know if i can make a profit. i'm a planner of many events for free but now i want to take it to the next level. i'm working on business plan and website. i live in a growing city we do not have a lot of informational seminars/expo unless you're a memeber of organization or travel to charlotte atlanta or further. i want to offer the best assistance to first time college students in areas of financial aide, scholarship,act & sat info, assistance filling out forms, college placement, internship, motivational speaker and offer a door prize what else scholarship (small) but every bit helps. Your replies, comments, suggestions will greatly be appreciated!:)