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Posted by pixieplant, Sun Oct-04-09 11:38 AM

I think Tina makes really good suggestions. My guess is that it's all about how to start this "sales" conversation. After finding a good way to start the conversation it will keep rolling, no matter what the outcome is. However, my biggest worry though is that I am going on peoples nerves as soon as I start telling them that I have something to sell. The product is for sure very special ( but I just have a really hard time popping and start the conversation.

I also think that it's just a matter of practicing. Maybe try out stores which you think will probably NOT buy from you and test various ways to start the conversation. That way you will get used to it and learn about different shop owner mentalities without hurting your business if it doesn't turn into a sale. That's at least what I am going to try soon.

Good luck,