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Posted by Sage, Sun Oct-04-09 11:20 AM
Hi Tina,
I agree with the 2 other posters that advised going into the shops, introducing yourself, giving a sample and business card and going from there.

I owned a retail store for 8+ years and would have welcomed anyone presenting a new product to me that might be a perfect fit for my store. (notice I said "perfect" fit). So that means you should target boutiques that already carry similar products, boutiques that sell handbags or women's clothing boutiques. And preferably the smaller shops that are locally owned so that you know the owner probably works in the store.

I never had anyone approach me in the years I was in business with any kind of offer, but I think if someone had approached me in a friendly way (no hard selling) just coming into my shop and saying something like:

I just happened to be passing your shop and notice you sell purses (or whatever) and thought you might be interested in our key finders. I wanted to leave you a sample and a card, and also our web address is on there for you to check out. And if you want I can leave you a price list too.

yada yada yada

Then most likely they will say something and you can go from there.

If they look busy but seem interested, you can ask if it would be okay if you called them in a couple of days to see if they wanted to try an opening order.

That's it! No hard selling. They always have the option to continue to engage in conversation or have you call back, or not.

Let me know if you have any other questions about retail. I love this stuff! I miss my store! :)

D. (Sage)
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