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Posted by JazLive, Fri Sep-18-09 04:04 PM
Create a special sale's jacket, dark denim, decorated with a variety of the charms also a denim purse and wear jean with the presentation outfit, you want to appear very similar to the market that will most likely purchase the product. Arm yourself with business cards that has the website URL and march into gift shops; seek a sales clerk and announce you are looking for the manager. When the manager appears, introduce yourself and start a your "charm promotion" make it short ( about 2.5 minutes ); end with asking for the manager's business card ~ if (s)he gives you one this shows interest ( give them your business card and be sure to check the business card of the manager for an email address ); if their business card does not have an email address listed, ask them if they have one and jot it on the back of their card :)