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Posted by annalaurabrown, Fri Jun-19-09 01:17 PM
Let me see if I can help both of your problems.

1. I recommend that you take some samples with you and go in person to sell the keychains in addition to the other ideas you already received. This will make a much stronger impression and will make it harder for them to say no. You may have to come back again at a later time to some of them but it will be worth it.

2. For the plant lady who is looking for sales reps, how about these ideas.

post on craigslist that you are looking for sales reps.
see if your local tv station has a free classifieds section and post there as well that you are looking for sales reps.
consider hosting a party and letting everyone who comes know that you are looking for people to sell your product.
come up with some catchy buttons you can wear that let people know that you are looking for sales reps.
do a booth at a trade show or go to a trade show and pass out business cards to people that say, I'm looking for reps.