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Posted by Pepperfire, Wed Feb-27-08 08:53 AM
I have to do this every day and it's easy.

You'll need a couple of tools, aside from your telephone and your agenda...

-- A website... nothing fancy, just something with a really good set of graphics so that the owner (or purchaser) for the shop can see your product.

-- An emailable price list and photos of the product

-- A faxable price list and photos of the product

-- Samples of the product.

-- knowledge of how the product is going to be displayed in their store (do they provide the shelves or do you have a display solution; is it sales desk display or stand alone, etc.)

-- Know what your price and leeway to dicker price is; (Some stores will want to know how much less they will pay if they carry your entire line)

-- is shipping/delivery to them included or is that an extra charge?

There may or may not be other questions specific to your product, but above all, if someone hits you with one and you do not know the answer, NEVER be afraid to say, "I'll have to discuss that with my boss, let me get back to you".

Make yourself a list of all the stores in your area that you think would carry the product, then sit down somewhere where you cannot be bothered by kids, dogs, others, etc. And... you call.

Don't kids yourself, it is imperative that you tell them that you are a sales rep, and immediately ask for the name and phone number of the purchaser for the shop BEFORE you ask to be talking to them. You may immediately get put into contact with them and you may be asked to leave a message. If you do leave a message, behave as if you never left one... Call again two days later. Again, and this is important never have the sales call with anyone but the purchaser.

Then, talk to no one else about the products... you'll be wasting your time.

Once you are finally talking to the purchaser, you tell them you have a product that you believe is suitable for their shop and you would like for them to carry it. They'll ask what the product is, and you'll need to describe it in a few short words. (much like you did in your post).

Then, you'll need to tell them the retail price and how popular they are and why you think they'll sell well in their store. These are the demographics that you can get from the manufacturer or distributor you deal with.

Most of the time they'll ask that you send them something... which of course you do -- offer the email and website first. If they ask to see the physical product, offer to send the email... you want to make sure they are qualified first. Don't send out free samples unless your supplier provides them or you'll be giving away your profits.

If you email, mention in the email your phone conversation and that they've requested the info (so it doesn't get spam reported) and then follow up within the week.

Once you follow up, you will qualify the shop. You need to know that they are even in purchasing position now and that the person with whom you are dealing is the actual decision maker. Then, you can move onto the conversation that gets them buying the product and putting it up in their store. Once you have qualified the shop, and only once you have qualified the shop do you displace yourself to bring the product. You want to be essentially assured of a sale if you are going to the trouble of visiting. So qualifying the shop is paramount.

Never be afraid to get a NO. It's the only way you know that the shop isn't interested. If they say maybe later... ask them when they think will be a good time (some stores only do their buying in January, others do it once a month, etc.) and then be sure to follow up with them at that time.

If you don't have one already, get yourself a good contact manager. I use AirSet, which you is online and free, and you can find it here: or you can use ACT or Maximizer or even Microsoft's Contact.

I'm sure there's a thousand other things to be aware of, but that's the gyst of it.

I hope that helps.


>I just became a sales rep. for a company, and my job is to
>get the product into gift shops. I am not quite sure how to go
>about doing this. Do I call the store first to set up an
>appointment. Do I just go to the store and bring samples? My
>fear is, either way, once I say I am a sales rep. they won't
>want to talk with me.
>There is an min. opening order, and a min. reordering order
>for them to purchase at wholesale.
>I really like the product and use it everyday. It's purse
>charms that you hook your keys on, so you can find your keys
>without digging through your purse, and they are really
>There is not another rep. in my area, and I have not seen them
>in any stores so I thought I would have a good chance at
>getting them into the stores. I am just not sure how to go
>about it.
>Any advice on this would be much appreicated!
>To see the product, you can go to
>Thank you,

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