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2120, Need sales help!
Posted by tina b, Sun Aug-30-09 10:17 PM
I just became a sales rep. for a company, and my job is to get the product into gift shops. I am not quite sure how to go about doing this. Do I call the store first to set up an appointment. Do I just go to the store and bring samples? My fear is, either way, once I say I am a sales rep. they won't want to talk with me.
There is an min. opening order, and a min. reordering order for them to purchase at wholesale.
I really like the product and use it everyday. It's purse charms that you hook your keys on, so you can find your keys without digging through your purse, and they are really fashionalbe.
There is not another rep. in my area, and I have not seen them in any stores so I thought I would have a good chance at getting them into the stores. I am just not sure how to go about it.
Any advice on this would be much appreicated!
To see the product, you can go to

Thank you,