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238, RE: million dollar idea??
Posted by DBeavers, Thu Oct-12-06 05:33 AM
>It's a million dollar idea, all right.
>We've been pricing ad-specialty t-shirts for our staff to wear
>during shows and based on the price per unit we've been being
>quoted, you couldn't pay me to consider this as an advertising
>cost giveaway.
>At a maximum of $1-$2 per unit, I might consider replacing the
>flyer with an ad specialty of some sort, but at the prices
>I've seen for the custom t-shirts... Never.
>I hope this helps.
>Tina Brooks, VP Marketing
>Brooks Pepperfire Foods, Inc.
>Makers of Peppermaster Hot Sauces
>Eat more peppers!


You haven't priced them with me. I know we can't get down to the <$2 price to use as flyers, but we will help you stretch those $$$ to get more for your money.

And not just on T-shirts.

Dennis Bevers