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187, RE: million dollar idea??
Posted by DBeavers, Tue Sep-26-06 12:23 PM
Those of us in the promotional advertising industry know businesses buy T-shirts with their name and logo on them.

But to use them as flyers?????

Might as well ask someone if they can name more than two of the sponsors on the back of their fun run or 10K shirts. For one, you can only read the back of someone else's shirt. Second, unless you have a connection to one or two of the sponsors, you won't recall the other sponsor's ads a week after the event.

One on one advertising has worked quite well with T-shirts. Turning them into a flyer, co-op billboard, or other medium won't get the results for the 12 or 20 advertisers that it can deliver to the single advertiser.

Co-op advertising has been done of phone book covers, stadium seat cusions, restaraunt placemats, coffee mugs, and magnetic memo boards that I know, and I'm sure other products have been used to do co-op advertising. But I just don't see a lot of prospects for turning T-shirts into flyers with co-op advertising outside the sponsorship listings for events.

In addition to those in my industry, you'll also be in competition with all those T-shirt shops across the country who focus on selling volume orders to business and industry.

Just don't see a lot of prospects for T-shirts as advertising flyers.

Dennis Bevers