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Posted by iwilli1169, Tue Oct-17-06 03:23 PM
I'm looking to open a tire shop. I wish to have a garage with several bays (about 6) and related equipment. If anybody can help me with any resources for building, insurance, equipment, etc.., I'd be greatful.
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Posted by flawless, Mon Oct-16-06 12:54 PM
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Posted by MarlinCreek, Thu Oct-26-06 06:45 PM
One way of getting some information is to check out companies that offer franchises for tire stores.

I'm not suggesting that you go the franchise route... but by looking at their information and offerings, you might be able to find information about how to open up an independent store. At least you'll be more informed about your potential competition.

Also, depending upon your area... you might think about tilting your service to cater to a particular type of vehicle. If you try to service all types of vehicles you'll be competing with the likes of NTB, Big O and Discount Tire... but if you could be the preferred place to put some feet on 4x4's or "import street racers" or other...then you could build a dedicated local following... and go from there.

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