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Topic subjectNeed help with Pricing for my Graphic Design Services
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1679, Need help with Pricing for my Graphic Design Services
Posted by tmaculate1, Mon Sep-24-07 03:36 AM
Hello everyone.

Last Monday I decided to advertise my services on and over the weekend I happened to get a bite from a more professional client than what i have been used to.

He owns a Promotions Company here in the San Antonio area and made it known to me that he really likes my work and thought my style would be a good fit for various graphics he's needing, which is logos, cd covers, flyers, business cards, etc.

you can get an idea of what I do here:

here's my dilemma. i usually have an offer from someone needing a logo or a flyer or something specific. i usually can give them a price after brainstorming in my head what i think i should charge for their request. however, this guy wants to know my price list for everything i do. well i don't exactly have a price list, as i usually have a price "range".

is there anything out there that shows what graphic designers charge for this stuff? i don't want to undercharge but i certainly don't want to overcharge for something and scare off a potential longterm business opportunity.

thanks for all of the advice!