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1674, Is this a good idea?
Posted by SaraSmile53, Sat Sep-22-07 04:56 AM
The business I'm considering is a computer consulting/service business. I'm just in the planning stages and talking to different people in the area about whether my company would even be feasible. The business would cater to people, especially older ones, who would love to own a computer, but are totally in the dark on how to even turn one on. There are two community colleges that offer continuing ed programs, which are inexpensive, but they don't want to be in that environment. They are also overwhelmed when it comes to going to one of the big box stores to purchase one, because the salespeople will attempt to sell them computers that they don't really need.
I would be willing to go with them in an advisory capacity to help them choose what would be appropriate for their needs, or build them a custom inexpensive computer myself. I would then work with them on a one on one basis showing them basic computer tasks and also show them how to keep one maintained. I'm not looking to make a fortune with my business. I want to use it to supplement my disability check. My charges would be less than most computer services, but still be enough to be profitable after taxes.
I would also offer repair services and on any computer I build I would give a standard warranty.

Does anyone think this could be viable?:-)