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Topic subjectUsed Office Supply Donations to Schools
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1618, Used Office Supply Donations to Schools
Posted by yuruz, Wed Sep-05-07 04:14 AM
I currently work in a large office complex where just in my company alone we waste tons of paper, notepads, pencils, pens etc daily. Computer paper especially is wasted and tossed in the regular trash and is not recycled. My idea is to use this office "waste" by starting a non-profit organization that will donate these supplies to local schools. In many school districts around my area, supplies like notepads, pencils, binders, markers and so forth are required to be purchased by the students at the start of the school year. These supplies use to be provided by the schools when I was a student, but for budgetary reasons many school districts have now put that responsibility on the parents. Many low income families cannot afford to buy the school supplies that are required for their children which can total in the hundreds of dollars. I see daily the amount of unused or partially used office supplies that get discarded in the trash and believe that it can be reused in schools to reduce the cost parents must deal with when sending their child to school. Let me know what you think.

1693, RE: Used Office Supply Donations to Schools
Posted by ramona, Tue Sep-25-07 06:30 AM
I think it's a viable idea. And one that would be embraced by the schools, students and parents. i would look into How to start a non profit, if it's to involved perhaps you could simply ask your company's business manager if it would be okay for you to take the "waste" and distribute it to local schools yourself or to community organizations that help local families.