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Posted by Staldren, Tue Aug-19-08 03:08 AM
Hi there,

I am representing a danish sanitary powder for domestic animals. It is a hygiene powder used in all sorts of stables, with any kind of domestic animals.

We are currently looking for distributors in US. this might be something, if you are into sales, and live near an agricultural area. I have noticed that a big problem in the states is poultry farms where the ammonia and bad smell is creating a really bad environment for animals and workers. Fans cannot be used too much as the birds will get too cold. Our product fits this industry perfect, as it binds with ammonia, and give a fresh pine smell in the area. Thereby the farmer gets less problems with their neighbours, and so and so on!

I believe we have a great product that is not poisonous to animals and humans but will effectively kill bacteria, thereby excluding decease transmition.

OK I could keep on forever, if you would like some more info please let me know ;)