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Posted by Patsy, Wed Oct-03-07 05:45 AM
You've had several comments on real estate -- I agree this is a scary time to pursue real estate unless you can do more than just invest in it. My plan worked out like this........

I was looking about 4 years out when I developed my plan. Owned a house and rented it out (rent was mortgage payment plus extra $250 added to the principal). Bought a condo that needed $9,500 in repairs and updates. Moved into the condo and immediately found a housemate and luckily she stayed the entire 4 years. Her rent paid the full condo mortgage so the money I would have paid was added to my home mortgage principal.

At the end of my 4 years, I sold the condo for $60,000 profit -- used $11,000 to completely pay off the mortgage balance on my house (that I immediately moved back in). Used another $9,000 to repair some "rental issues" and invested $40,000.

There is more to real estate than just flipping. Even if you don't own -- buying, moving in and having someone pay the mortgage until you decide what to do with it works wonders...

Best of luck!