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1627, RE: $ 15000 idea
Posted by itaxback, Sat Sep-08-07 03:57 AM
>i need more of a biz foundation idea im sorry i dont agree
>with some of the internet or networking you have
>any other idea???????????

Hello, I respect your choice to stay away from network marketing etc. With the YTB program, you don't NEED to sell the program to make money. you actually make money when anybody books travel through your online travel website. I only started it because I travel A LOT for work. The money I have made from booking travel on my own site (instead of expedia, travelocity etc..) has paid for the program twice over.

OK - so your not interested in anything online. Is there a service that you could provide to your local community? Maybe something others don't do already or something others don't want to do? What type of background do you have? Do you have special skills or experience that you can apply to a business? Are you looking to start something on your own or have you looked at different franchise opportunities? Lots of stuff to consider.