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154, Vender Francise...?
Posted by roblugo69, Thu Sep-14-06 05:38 AM
Hi all,
I live in a very busy city where most people eat there food on the go. "Street Venders" do very well here. My question is this. Is it posible to set up a vender "franchise" sort of speak? where you would instantly recognise the same menu regardless of what city you were in. Would this be legal? Is it posible to operate a "vender Franchise" ?

156, RE: Vender Francise...?
Posted by wwcap1, Mon Sep-11-06 06:13 AM
It is very possible. If you don't do it, some one will or in fact some one is already doing it somewhere else. You would need all the same parameters of any other franchise, i.e. compliance with the Uniform Franchise Act, something to sell along with a franchise (like a cart for example) and all the policy procedures and of course money to start.

Kent Capener
Capener Consulting, LLC
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Posted by bizdev, Thu Sep-14-06 02:19 AM
You can still accomplish what you want to do (selling your business model to others) without franchising. Franchising is very costly and very regulated. Developing your UFOC (Uniform Franchise Offering Circular) and registering with each state requires costly professional help (attorney).

Another option is to do this as a business offering instead. It is less regulated than franchising. However, as a franchise owner myself, I can tell you that buyers are much more cautious of business opportunities precisely because they are not as regulated.

You can still attract buyers by developing a good model and pricing it low (relatively speaking). Pricing under $10,000 will make it more attainable for more people. It is still important to have a proven system.
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Posted by flawless, Thu Sep-14-06 04:38 AM
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