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1535, post construction cleaning
Posted by greatsheila, Tue Aug-14-07 10:21 PM
can someone please help me with a bid sheet, for post
construction cleaning jobs. THANKS
1536, RE: post construction cleaning
Posted by jenn713, Tue Aug-14-07 11:03 PM
I have done this type of work before. What exactly are you needing? quote amounts? layout for the sheet?
1537, RE: post construction cleaning
Posted by findingdetails, Wed Aug-15-07 04:10 AM
Hey could I get more information on a construction clean up biz since you have done it before. I have been reviewing the area in which I live to determine what type of business would work. It is a small rural area and we have TONS of builders and/or construction companies in the area, and I think post construction clean up is a relatively untapped market where I live and I was considering possibly focusing my energies in that direction. Any additional info would be appreciated.
1538, RE: post construction cleaning
Posted by jenn713, Wed Aug-15-07 09:59 AM
my mother and I have been in the cleaning business for over ten years. We clean vacation rentals, personal homes, businesses and post contruction sites. It is not easy work and it is often hard to find good reliable help. However, with that said.... you can make a lot of money if you do it right. When you have a new job be sure to look to see how large of a cleanup it is going to be. This will help you to determine how to charge, by the hour or flat rate. If it is a small job charge a flat rate such as $200. For larger jobs usually by the hour charging is good. You don't have to do this though. When we write up a bid it generally looks like this:

Labor cost: $300
Supplies: $80
Disposal Fee: $60 (this is for disposing of any garbage that is in the house. You do not have to do this, but a lot of people appriciate it and tend to use your services more often.)
Total charges: $380.00

List your charges so that the person/persons can see exactly what they are getting in the bid. If you can give them a ballpark time frame, such as 13 hours cleaning time, include this in your bid. Be sure that you over bid just in case you go over the time you originally estimated. You don't want to loose money on this. You can always charge less than your bid, or charge what you originaly bid. I ussually bid at least $100 dollars over and charge less than I bid. If you want to charge by the hour, charge no less than $15 per hour or you will loose money. Do not include supply cost in the hourly charge, charge that seperate.

Be sure to keep receipts of ALL cleaning supplies that you purchase, this is a tax write off. You can also write off the miles that you drove to get the cleaning supplies because you are going to be self employed. Keep track of ALL miles driven for work, tax write off, this includes getting supplies, going to sites, talking with clients, etc.

let me know if there is anything specific you need to know.
1539, RE: post construction cleaning
Posted by jenn713, Wed Aug-15-07 10:03 AM
Sorry, obviously my brain is not working.... total charges would not be $380, they would be $440.
1541, RE: post construction cleaning
Posted by jenn713, Wed Aug-15-07 04:06 PM
I just got off of the phone with my mother. I ran your idea by her and she said to go ahead and give you her e-mail address so that you can ask her for more info. She really is a great resource to tap.
Her e-mail is She looks forward to hearing from you.
1546, RE: post construction cleaning
Posted by findingdetails, Thu Aug-16-07 03:39 AM

Thanks for your input. I will go over my information and see what other questions I might have. Any information is very helpful.

1548, RE: post construction cleaning
Posted by findingdetails, Thu Aug-16-07 06:05 AM

Where are you located, in a smaller area or larger area?

just wondering for comparison purposes.

1549, RE: post construction cleaning
Posted by jenn713, Thu Aug-16-07 07:03 AM
I am located in a VERY small town on the Oregon coast. The population is about 2000. We also have a large number of contractors/construction companies. Feel free to contact my mother. Like I said above, she is a great resource to tap.
1553, RE: post construction cleaning
Posted by findingdetails, Fri Aug-17-07 04:23 AM

I just sent your mom an email, thank you for all your assistance. I am really thinking of going full force with this idea. I am wondering though, if I should maybe start residential and then progress into the construction field due to the fact that I really do not have a lot of seed money to initially invest, but I think the construction area would be a great market to tap. I just hope I can yeild results and/or profits sooner rather than later so I can corner this untapped market before someone else does. I would like to quit my current FT job and work full time at my own business, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Thanks for all your information and support!

1555, RE: post construction cleaning
Posted by jenn713, Fri Aug-17-07 12:41 PM

It would be a good idea to do at least a few residential cleaning jobs so that you can use them as referals for other jobs and save up a little more money. The initial cost to start the business really is not that bad. The majority of your money initially will be spent of all of your supplies. Be sure to print up some business cards so that you can give them to your clients to give to other people. Also putting a small ad in your local paper may help pull in business as well. Good luck and let me know how things are going for you. You can email me at